SAN SOO KUNG FU - The most complete, most effective martial art in existence today! Reality based, not a sport, not for show or tournaments, just REAL fighting techniques that WILL NOT fail you when things go wrong.  Its the weapon you always carry with you.  This is not MMA with rules, not a point-based system of merely touching your opponent for points to get a "win"! These things don't work in real-life dangerous confrontations.  There is no tapping out in the streets, wrestle someone down and you risk being stabbed or worse.  We teach that you never want to go to the ground and give someone's unseen friend a chance to come up behind you!  Pull someone into a guard and a simple thing like a set of keys pulled from his pocket can get slammed into your ribs puncturing a lung, perhaps killing you.  Why waste time learning arts that will get you killed in a real confrontation?  I say this not to demean other arts, but to open your eyes to the possibility that you are relying on an art that will fail you.  San Soo WILL NOT!  Come see what you are missing today!!!!!

Lessons postponed until further notice

Hatfield's San Soo Kung Fu