"In this art we have no rules or regulations. In a street fight there are no judges or referees, anything goes, my life or yours. We don't go into a stance before we fight or imitate any animals. You move from any position you are in. Go into a stance and you waste time. Time that could have been spent hitting your attacker and ending the fight. Go into a stance and there is no question that you are going to fight, and you lose the element of surprise, a fight is a fight. It is my life or yours! If you win, you might kill me. I might fall and crush my skull on the sidewalk and die. If you break my knee or put out my eye then I am ruined for life. I can't honestly do less that my best, and in a fight my best is to win."

                                                          Jimmy H. Woo
                                                          (Chin Siu Dek)
                                                          Fifth generation Grandmaster    

                                                          TSOI LI HO FUT HUNG KUNG FU

 Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport.   It is an integrated fighting technique based on principles of physics and anatomy. It consists of combinations of strikes to vulnerable points and a wide variety of leverage techniques that are not dependent on size or strength. These combinations do not necessarily follow a set pattern and can be changed instantly to suit the situation. Proper application, intense concentration and controlled breathing allow the trained fighter to develop extreme power. Our training emphasizes agility, poise, humility and respect for our fellow man. Persistent practice instills self confidence which enables a person to perform consistently and effectively.


No experience needed! Just come in comfortable workout clothes and try a lesson! 

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Hatfield's San Soo Kung Fu 

Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport, but a fighting technique. It is based on a combination of punches, kicks, strikes, and takedowns done rhythmically. These techniques are directed to vital points of the human body.  The techniques of San Soo can be changed instantly to suit any situation and do not necessarily follow a set pattern. It is not your typical martial art.

The utilization of scientific principles of physics involving movement and leverage as well as intense concentration and controlled breathing gives the San Soo fighter extreme power. Agility, balance, coordination, humility, and respect for other people are emphasized.   Thus, Kung Fu San Soo is a complete fighting art that leads to the development of human character.

Our martial Arts program has been proven for centuries.  Not all martial arts are the same! We are based on the original martial arts: kung fu! We teach a real system of kung fu that has been built over thousands of years and been taught in its present form as an unstoppable martial art for over 400 years! Kung Fu San Soo is at the top of all martial arts, its not a sport, not a show, not for theatrics - its for combat.  It puts the Martial in Martial Arts! Develop martial arts skills and power that will let you walk with confidence! Its not about being able to defeat an opponent, its about building character through skill development and knowing how to use those skills in a peaceful manner.  But know, when needed, San Soo Kung Fu will not fail you!