Hatfield's San Soo Kung Fu 

Let's face it, the world is not getting any more peaceful.  Assaults on women and girls of all ages happen every day!  Sport fighting is great, for its domain.  Try a judo throw on a 300 pound man, or pull him into a guard when you weigh around 100 pounds and you're going to see things aren't going to work like in practice.  Ideally you learn a self defense oriented art like San Soo Kung Fu.  But sometimes you just need some things you can use right now, and don't have the time for, or the desire to, learn an entire art and earning belts.

That's where this common sense course comes into play!  I will teach you some of the basics of San Soo and how to defeat larger opponents, and also show you the realism of size disadvantages you are likely to find yourself in!  No false sense of security, only a wake up call as to what will or will not work, and things you can use as "equalizers".  I will also instruct you on improvised weapons and what will and will not work with self defense tools and weapons.  You won't get this anywhere else, I promise you!  Don't try to simply match strength and technique against a larger opponent.  Sport arts have weight classes and men's and women's divisions for a reason.  I will show you reality, and how to deal with it!  

Call for a private seminar for your organization or group.  Minimum 10 participants.